Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eye Candy and a Giveaway Winner!

Here's the eye candy....

Here's the winner...

JulieH #16 via Congrats Julie! You won a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo! You will love it! Look for an email from me.

Thank you to everyone who entered in my giveaway!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New York and Company

This place is a hit or miss with me. Sometimes they have nothing I like and sometimes they have a few things. A recent email I got from them makes me curious about stopping in to take a look. Hey, they always have a coupon or some kind of sale going on, so you know you can get a good deal!

Here are a few looks from their West Village Collection...

Don't forget to enter in my Dry Shampoo Giveaway here! It ends tomorrow!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Glittery Nails

At first glance at my title to this post you may be thinking "Is this for my 4 year old?" No, It's for you! I have been seeing a lot of glitter and shimmer on nails lately and not just on children. These are very grown up version. I think I may try it....

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Happy Friday! Don't forget to enter in my Batiste Dry Shampoo Giveaway!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To: Waves Without Using Heat

I am sure many of you, like me, have been out in the sun all summer long and your hair may have taken a beating over it. So the last thing it needs is extra heat from a curling iron when you want to wear it wavy.

Here is a great way to get messy beach waves without using a curling iron. All you need are bobby pins, hair spray, and some wax or pomade ( I use KMS Hair Play Dry Wax-it is awesome).

Here I am with straight, freshly washed, and blow dried hair. Excuse the long bangs and 2 inch roots!

I am going to do mine in 5 sections because I want just a little bit of a wave. Do more sections if you want a tighter curl. Start at the top and twist the section, spray with hair spray and coil it down securing with a bobby pin.

Here is a closer view of the little bun.

On the sides, I pull my hair up as high as I can so the wave will start higher and for more volume. The lower you hold the hair the lower the wave will start.

 I did two sections in the back, one on top and two on the sides. Cute, huh? I left them in for close to 10 minutes(working through nap time this is all I get). The longer you keep them coiled the curlier your hair will be.

 Here is the finished product. Messy waves. Use a little pomade or a wax and gently scrunch in your hair to prevent frizz.  It is a good alternative to the perfect curl a curling iron gives you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dry Shampoo Review and a Giveaway

The nice people of Batiste sent me one of their newest dry shampoo's to try out. It's called Fresh, a unisex fragrance that smells exactly how it sounds Fresh. I have been happy with all three of the Batiste dry shampoo scents I have tried. Read my first post here.

Dry shampoo is great for soaking up any oil, refreshing your hair if you haven't washed it in a few days, or giving volume to limp locks. Just spray it in at the roots and gently work it in with your fingers. I suggest spraying it in a few inches from were you part your hair. Otherwise, you may see white powder if you have dark hair. Blondes don't have to worry about it as much.

The new Fresh scent is very light and smells great going on but after you spray it in you don't continuing smelling it all day. Love that! It is also unisex, so if you know any greasy haired boys out there that need help, this is your product.

Check out their website for great how to videos.

The Batiste people were nice enough to let me do a giveaway so one of you lovely readers can try Batiste Dry Shampoo out for yourselves!

Here are the details

1. Be a follower of I Love That!
2. Leave a comment on this Post
3. For an extra entry: post about the giveaway on your blog and leave a comment with a link to your post
4. Giveaway ends Tuesday August 30th
5. I will announce the winner on Wednesday August 31st via

Good Luck!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Picker Sisters

Over the weekend I caught a few episodes of Picker Sisters on Lifetime. It is about two designers, Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen (formerly both on Extreme Home Makeover), scavenging the country for basically junk and turning them into awesome pieces. They are opening a store in LA that will be filled with all their treasures they have created.

Not only is the show fun to watch, these girls have amazing style! They wear a lot of flowy tops with cutoffs and boots or they will pair a button down shirt with a furry white vest.

My husband likes American Pickers which is two men do basically the same thing as Sister Pickers. I would prefer watching two cute fashionable ladies. You have to watch it, at least for their clothes.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedge Booties


Booties by ilovethat featuring wedge shoes

If your guessed #4 you are right.
Old Navy $37! What a deal!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Easing into Fall- Transition TIme

It is the time of year when you start seeing the back to school commercials and ads. It still makes me a little sad and I don’t even have school-aged kids. I think it still takes me back to when I was in school and would shudder when I saw school supplies at the store. It is just that sinking feeling that Summer will be coming to an end soon. Lucky for us in Texas, it stays hot around here till October.  But sometimes I find myself longing to put on some jeans and boots before the temperatures have cooled down. It is just that awkward time of year where you feel a little strange wearing that flowy summer dress or white shorts, or at least I kind of do. When I see all the new Fall clothes in stores it gets me excited to do a little shopping but hesitant because it will be so long before you can wear all of them.

Here are a few suggestions of how you can make your Summer and Fall clothes merge together. You can be comfortable with the still warmer temperatures without looking like you just stepped off the cruise ship.

1.       When the temperatures cool down a little you can add lightweight sweaters or a cargo jacket over your tanks or silky tops. I love the flowy opened lightweight sweaters. I have a few from Nordstrom’s in different colors.

Easing into Fall

2.       If you have a lot of summer dresses like I do, you can try tights under them or leggings. Or throw on a blazer with some booties. I don’t think there should be “rules” placed on clothing. If you don’t feel it is too summery than go for it.

Easing into Fall

3.       If you like shorts get out your flats and pair them with a button down shirt or three quartered length shirt.

Easing into Fall

4.       Try wearing cords with your wedges and a floral top. Colored pants are in this Fall so pick some up now to wear.

5.       Layer a long sleeve tee under one of your favorite summer tops or maxi dress

With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways we can all get through the early Fall months. Just think in six months we will all be longing for warmer temps again!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo Wall

So I have been slowly redecorating my den and living area after the paint job. I decided to do picture frames up the staircase. We don't have a traditional staircase but there is quite a large wall that will look great with family photos on it. Now it just deciding where to put them, the color of the frames and black and white photos or color?

Here is our stair case. I moved the mirror into the living room so the pictures will go there...

Here are some ideas...

Source: None via Jordin on Pinterest

Here is a great idea on how to place your pictures....

This little task may take me some time to accomplish. I have to factor in budget, time and my own procrastination but eventually it will get done!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Stuff from AE

While browsing through Polyvore this weekend, I came across lots of good stuff from American Eagle. I haven't shopped there in a while. I think I felt like it is too "young" for this thirty something mother. That is just nonsense. You just have to filter. I, personally, would skip over the graphic tee's. I would leave those for the college girls.

I think you can shop anywhere you want!  So I may just pop into an AE store soon, they do have good jeans.

Here I mixed some AE, Old Navy and H&M....

Boho Momma

Friday, August 12, 2011

Missoni For Target

You just gotta love Target. They are geniuses. They get high-end, well known designers to do a line for their store just so a girl like me can one day wear Missoni. Now grant it, I haven't been all that impressed with some of their past collaborations, this one looks good.  I can't wait till September 13th to see it in person.

Missoni is known for their colorful zig zag stripes and they haven't left them out in this collection....

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Couch: White or No White

I am dying to get a new couch for our den area. It was good at one time but after years of "wear and tear" it is looking shabby not chic.

It is actually an expensive couch that my mom bought from a client of hers for pretty cheap years ago.  It looks ok here but the feathers are coming out and the slipcover gets all messed up every time you sit on it. (This picture is before the paint redo).

I am really kind of sick of the look in this room. I feel it is kind of a hodge podge of stuff. The chest I actually moved somewhere else when our little man started walking. I am thinking I will keep it under the stairs and look for something less bulky in the den. It is a small room with not a lot of wall space.

Anyway, I have had my eye on the Ektorp sofa from Ikea. It is really inexpensive and you can change out the slipcovers. I would love to do white but I am afraid! The other color choices are a light brown or light beige. I feel with a toddler going cheap is a good way to go. We can always change the slipcovers or wash if needed. I like the lines of the Ektorp sofa, too.

What made me start thinking about this was a post from Pure Style Home. Lauren, a interior designer, talks about having a "kid friendly" home doesn't mean it has to be ugly. You should buy what you like. I love how she talks about having a ugly piece of furniture just because it's ok if the "kids destroy" but is an eyesore in the meantime. She goes on and lists her pet peeves and weighing out pros and cons. It was pretty informative. So basically, what I am taking from it is: we won't spend a lot on the Ikea sofa itself so having a light colored slipcover may work as long as I can wash it or buy a new one.

Here is a picture from one of my favorite blogs Life in the Fun Lane. Read her post about living in all white here. She has a toddler....

I don't want everything white, although her house is beautiful, just maybe a few things. I like color too much. So I may have to make a trip to Ikea to ponder the different color choices but maybe white wouldn't be so bad?

Monday, August 8, 2011


She is so cool! This layered look will be great whenever it get cooler. It doesn't look like anytime soon in my neck of the woods but hopefully sometime soon for somebody.

Reese Inspired

J Crew long sleeve collared shirt
£18 -

J Crew long sleeve top
$40 -

J Crew long sleeve collared shirt
£18 -

J Crew military skirt
$20 -

J Crew hobo shoulder bag
$280 -

Ray-Ban wayfarer shades
$119 -

Friday, August 5, 2011

Partial Paint Unveiling

Well I am just going to show you our living room and staircase paint makeover because frankly, the den is basically a playroom. I try to pick it up but it is kinda like "what's the point" because toys get drug out everyday.

As I have mentioned, I wasn't happy with the color we had in our living room and den area. It is a big space with 20 ft ceilings in the living room. So we had it professionally done and it took 5 days! I was prepared to be out of the house for 3 but 5 was pushing it. I have a 16 month old so we clearly couldn't hang around the house all day.  I had seen a lot of white spaces out there that I liked so I decided to go for it. It is hard choosing a white. As you may know, there are a million different kinds of white. After much consideration and help I chose Benjamin Moore's Soft Chamois ( I can't pronounce it either). It is a fairly neutral white with a hint of grey. I would normally go for a more warm white but I wanted to offset my very warm orangey hardwoods. The first day I came home I had a slight panic attack because when you actually paint a whole room it just looks WHITE. I calmed down and kept telling myself "once you get the furniture back in, it will be fine." I now love it! I still have some decorating to do but here it is...

I have a little DIY project for over the mantle. I will post when I get it done.

That mirror was on my stair case but I decided to move it here. It might need to be moved up a few inches but don't tell the hubby. It is heavy!

It is such a hard room. Really high ceilings but not a lot of space horizontally. As you can tell also, not a lot of natural light so the white has helped to brighten.

Here is the staircase. We had the railings stained black.

Here is where the horrible cabinet hung. So now it is a blank canvas. I plan on painting that piece of furniture maybe a light grey and getting some lamps and something to hang above. Stay tuned.

Here is a before again

Happy Friday!
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