Monday, April 16, 2012

Coachella and a Little Hair Talk

Crazy Cancer Lady is back. Lets talk about the hair falling out of my head. It is happening. Like clockwork (around 2 weeks after my first treatment), my hair started to falling out in clumps. I noticed a few days before other hair on my body was coming out easier than normal and then a few days later the hair on my head. I am so glad I cut it short because if it was long it would look like 5x the amount of hair falling out. So now its just a waiting game on how long I can handle the hair all over the place before I shave it off. Darn it! I was really loving my grown out pixie cut.

Isn't that sick! I have my 2nd round of chemo tomorrow so wish me luck. I have been brainstorming on how to look "cool" with a scarf on my head. Any ideas?

On a lighter note: Coachella is apparently some kind of music festival in the Southern California desert. It looks more like a cool hippie fashion show to me.

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