3 tips on how to approach content marketing

Content marketing is about reaching your target group in a creative way. Unlike cold calling, reaching your target group in content marketing is indirect. This is done on the basis of different types of content. Executing it correctly and knowing the right approach can yield considerable results over a longer period of time. Expand your skills thanks to these tips.

Content marketing is knowing your target group

Who belongs to your target group and what inspires them? Where is your target group active online? These are three important questions to think about. Based on these answers, you can get started right away.

Create content based on the needs of your target group. Do they find it interesting? Then you are one step closer in the right direction. You can also share your content on social media. Pay attention! Creating content is not about selling yourself. Provide informative or inspiring content.

Types of content:


Social media:


SEO optimized content is a must

Creating content is one thing. But is your content also SEO optimized? Your target audience will look up one and the other on the internet (preferably what you create content about of course), here you would like to get your beautiful blog page on the first page of Google, wouldn’t you?

Visitors like you and me, do not go to a second page in Google. We’ll find what we want to know on the first page, right? Always make sure your content meets the standards of SEO.

Never think you spread enough content

Have you overwhelmed social media with your blogs? Have you sent leads an email with your new content? Is the ‘blogs’ section on your website completely up to date? Super! Keep this up now, don’t get forgotten!

Of course you have to take your time and this is not done in 1 2 3. “Ow! Time? I haven’t got any.” No problem. Leave the content part to me. Do you want to try it out first? I’ll get you your first text for free. Tell me your wishes!