ProMove apprend à vos employés à conduire en toute sécurité

ProMove teaches your employees how to drive safely

The goal of ProMove, the organisation of entrepreneur Chris Vanhee, is simple: to reduce traffic accidents. “That’s why we want to actively sensitize drivers to participate more consciously in traffic. At Circuit Zolder, for example, we are going to work by offering driving proficiency courses or skid courses with exercises on wet and slippery road surfaces”.

Taking a driving proficiency course only results in winners. Your employee can easily navigate through risk situations, the damage statistics for commercial vehicles are reduced and no one is absent for long periods of time due to a trivial traffic accident. ProMove offers a standard program, but also tailor-made events that include various workshops (e.g. electric driving, alcohol goggles or off-road initiatives). And that is quite exciting. The baseline reads: ‘Safe driving. Surprisingly fun’. “Your employees, customers or other guests will have such a good time without realizing that they are learning something”, it sounds slipcursus.

Practice areas

ProMove has training courses for both motorcyclists and drivers of cars and vans. Drivers of emergency vehicles of the fire brigade, ambulance services or police can also attend. In addition to a mobile structure, ProMove has four unique training grounds: Andenne, Bruges, Roeselare and Zolder. It is possible to simulate different weather conditions on these training tracks. Companies can use the ProMove buildings for the organisation of meetings, seminars and other events. In this respect, ProMove’s unique container infrastructure at Circuit Zolder is an absolute architectural eye-catcher. Jump in.
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