With these tips you can make your move go without a hitch

A Dutchman moves on average seven times in his or her life. And every year about a million Belgians move there. That’s quite a lot and that also brings a lot of hassle. So it’s important to make sure that the move goes smoothly. But how do you actually take care of this? Below we have compiled a few tips for your move. More info: Verhuisbedrijf Rotterdam

1. Make sure you have a good planning
It is wise to make a good overview of what is going to happen during the move, this way you won’t be faced with any surprises. For example, when exactly are you going to move and on what dates will any handymen arrive? The more detailed your planning is, the more structured the entire move will be. This is not only great for yourself, but also prevents unpleasant situations like handymen working between the new furniture.

2. Make a checklist
A move always means that you have to arrange a lot. That’s why you just make a checklist on which you write down everything you still have to do. This can be anything. From cancelling the rent to arranging the internet for your new home. The nice thing about working with a checklist is that you can be sure you’re not forgetting anything. It’s also smart to make a note of the date when you applied for or ordered something. That way you know when you can expect something. You can also look online at checklists made by other people, in case you’re still afraid of forgetting something.

3. Don’t pack until you really have to
If you feel like moving, it is very tempting to start packing. Handy, but not as handy if you fit in two months or so. So make a good estimation of when you will start packing. Of course, you can already pack things you don’t use. In the summer, for example, you can already pack your Christmas decorations.

4. Move the important things yourself
It’s not that you don’t trust the removal company, but it’s just nice to transport your most valuable belongings yourself, in your own car. Think of all the computers or other valuable equipment, administration or important papers. Furthermore, it is always smart to keep documents related to the move at hand.

5. Store your belongings in a storage room
Many people find it very annoying to have a couple of weeks of double living expenses when they move. For example, they have to wait a while before they can move their furniture because they can’t move into their new house yet. That is why it is convenient to rent a storage space in such cases. This is often much cheaper if you compare it to keeping double the cost of living.

The nice thing about the rooms is that you can often adjust the size of your space down to the square meter. So you can be sure that you don’t pay for something you don’t use. Furthermore, the rooms are often dry and dust-free. This means that art, for example, also comes into its own here.